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The options menu wont open and mouse sensetivity is to fast.Also I know you got this off of karlso

What do you mean abount menu otptions? Do you mean the all buttons ta the menu? And abount karlso, do you mean karlson the game by dani? Becose, if yes, i will have to say, that game relly inspired me to make a 3d game, but i don't use that game, as template. Thanks for playing!

yes I meant karlson also how did you get it to work cause when I followed his tutorial it didn't work

I actuly used brackey's tutorials, but modyfide them a little bit :). That's why there's no wall jumping. I used character controller, not a rigidbody.

About options, i know what have you mean. I tried to set them up, but unity project crash, and i had no backup. Meh.