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In The Woods

Welp, you get losed in the forest, but that's not the problem. Hundreds of aliens surround you are the problem. Fortunately you have got you're gun! Aliens have not chances!!!

Now, get you're gun, and blow them away!!! Back to space!!!
(Also you can build some fireplaces, that work like bullets, to do a job for you!!!)

Have Fun!!!


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pc, mac, linux version(demo) 41 MB
The Kick (soundtrack) 3 MB
JACK IT UP (soundtrack) 4 MB
if you pay $1 USD or more
Throught dark fire (soundrack) 7 MB
if you pay $1 USD or more

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It looks Amazing Specially the Particle Effects


It would be amazing if you could add a Dash Move with sword just

(1 edit)

Nice idea!!! Thank You!!! (ps, could you rate the game, becose that can put my game highter, and make more popular. Thank you for feedback!!!)

Welp, the dash move has been added! Have fun with it! :

great game

Thank You!!! :)

I get an error "Invalid or unexpected token" in "in_the_woods.framework.js".

Tried Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on macOS.

Yeap, it dosent look like it work. I dont now what the problem is. Try android version!!!

fun game, kills time. I like it.

Thank you :)! Today it's coming day-one patch. New enemies, boss wave, new weapoms.

Thank's for Playing! Have fun!